"BASS Ackwards" is a Tidewater, Virginia regional private bass fishing club that follows a basic creed of competitive bass fishing while enjoying ourselves in the process. Although some members in our club are considered serious fishermen, we welcome anyone who just loves to bass fish and is interested in becoming a part of a club that encourages sharing sportsmanship, knowledge and educating each other to becoming better anglers.

The concept of our club came from wanting to find a good balance of competing, and still not having to commit ourselves to a grueling and highly competitive environment that was found in many sanctioned bass clubs in the region. Fishing was getting to be more stressed and, in some cases, unfriendly. Our club has changed all that - we always have a good time.

"BASS Ackwards" charter is limited to twenty members and is consisted of about a 60/40 ratio of boater to non-boater members.


To improve our skills as Bass Fisherman through fellowship and friendly exchange of Bass catching techniques and ideas.


The Club was originally formed in May 1993 with 9 members and, at the time, was affiliated with B.A.S.S. Club officers were Eric Derksen - President, Paul Saliga - Vice-President, and Rick Gould Secretary/Treasurer. During the year 2000, the club only fished Regional and State tournaments and dropped its B.A.S.S. affiliation in 2001. 

First tournament was May 23, 1993 on the Chickahominy River won by Eric Derksen with a weight of 9.25 pounds. Big fish was 6.63 pounds.

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The Club has fished the following bodies of water:


Appomattox River Lake Chesden
Beaver Dam Reservoir Lake Gaston
Bethel Reservoir Little Creek Reservoir
Chickahominy Lake North Landing River
Chickahominy River Northwest River
James River Nottaway River
Kerr Dam Reservoir Pamunkey River


Chowan River Pasquotank River
Edenton Bay Perquimans River
Lake Phelps Tulls Bay/Creek
Little River Yeopim River
North River  


Potomac River Pocomoke River


The club meets the first Tuesday of every month throughout the year to discuss club issues. Our meeting places are held at the homes of different members or at various local restaurants. Members are spread throughout the Hampton Roads region from Hampton to Chesapeake.


Membership is $5.00 per month. Tournaments are $15.00 each, plus $5.00 big fish. Non-boaters are required to pay half the car and boat expenses for the trip with the boater they are paired up with.

A running treasurers report is presented every meeting. Club dues pay for our annual awards banquet, held at the end of every season, plus upkeep expenditures for the cabin at the Don Borsch Classic. Other minor expenditures are discussed and voted on at meetings.

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